Necessary tools when looking for a work placement and/or a first job

Required documents:

- CV (provide any references)

- Cover letter

Optional but helpful documents:

- Letters of recommendation or of evaluation from your former placement mentors or employers, and references (contacts)

- A description of skills learned and/or programme followed

- As applicable and if possible, a document from your academic institution describing its expectations (explaining that the placement is compulsory) and the supervision that it will offer. This letter is compulsory in certain countries so check with your establishment.

- Optional tools for certain specialities: portfolios for the fine arts, websites with recordings for musicians, and so on.

Evidences of (Higher) Education and Skills

In any case, it is common to provide evidence for the qualifications and graduations mentioned in the CV. In most cases simple copies are accepted. Certified copies are only necessary if this is explicitly stated in the ad. Sometimes the HR officer will ask for further evidence. In case of applying for an intern, it is essential to provide:

- Secondary school diploma

- B.A. diploma (if applicable)

- All other relevant diplomas

- Evidence of language knowledge (diplomas by recognized institutions)

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