Germany : Necessary tools when looking for a work placement and/or a first job

General remarks for Germany:

Document requirements differ from one industry to the next, and minor “eccentricities” are thoroughly accepted. However, the following rules do apply:

1. Read the listing carefully. Line by line. Make sure your application clearly refers to the listing. Submit the requested documents and answer any questions asked. No more, no less.

2. Submit your documents in the requested language (in case of doubt, in the language of the listing).

3. Provide any requested certificates.

4. Spelling, grammar and typesetting matter. Very much. Your application documents are usually the only evidence that the HR officer has. He/she will assess the form as well as the content. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. HR officers unconsciously assess the formal quality of documents, even if they claim not to. Finally, a German HR officer expects applications without a single misspelling and in a form that demonstrates the seriousness of the applicant and the legitimacy of the application. This means all documents must be clearly structured, easy to read, and carefully typeset in a business-like manner. But do not over-format your documents, unless you are applying to a hipster design agency in Berlin. It may be worthwhile to have your grammar, spelling and typesetting proofed professionally. The least you should do is to ask a native speaker to proofread your application.



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