Interview dos and don’ts

- Be on time;

- Be yourself;

- Be concise yet precise in your answers and avoid filler words;

- Be positive about yourself. Even if you are not very communicative, sociable or flexible, you can turn those subjective concepts to your advantage;

- Adopt an open posture (facing the other person);

- Bring up your qualities and skills in a professional way;

- Correctly use the other person’s name and above all don’t forget it over the course of your conversation;

- Give simple answers to the questions asked, without hesitating and in concrete terms (provide examples);

- Don’t break silences and don’t interrupt;

- Be positive about your previous employer. Your comments say much more about you than they do about your old boss;

- Don’t come across as desperate even if you have been searching for a job for a long time;

- Bring copies of your cover letter, your CV, your diplomas and your past placement certificates so you can provide them if asked;

- Memorize your CV and “decodethe advertisement so you can understand the characteristics of the position;

- Gather information about the company;

- It can sometimes be difficult to think of an interesting topic of conversation, so consider preparing to discuss your dissertation;

- Dirty hair, rumpled clothes and body odour will decrease your chance of being taken on;

- Adopt an appropriate deportment: don’t drink, make yourself comfortable but not too comfortable.

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