Writing a winning curriculum vitae

Here is some advice that may help you in writing an eye-catching curriculum vitae (CV).

  • Decide on your objective before writing your CV:

Your objective represents the bull’s-eye target for your CV, so take the time to clearly formulate it.

  • Consider your CV as a tool for self-promotion:

Use your CV to sell yourself.

  • Remember that your CV can get you an interview but not a job:

You do not need to present everything that you’ve done, down to the smallest detail. Be clear and concise. Your CV should be interesting enough to earn you an interview.

  • Use action words:

Start your sentences with action words like: preparation, presentation, coordination, monitoring, etc.

  • Begin with your strengths:

A CV is typically skimmed in just 30 seconds. As a result, the information that is most relevant to your initial objective should be placed near the top, where they have the greatest chance of being read.

  • Use words that attract attention:

You should use terms that underscore your skills in a particular domain.

  • Promote your knowledge:

Rather than delving deeper into one subject in particular, use your CV to highlight your knowledge.

  • Make your CV easy to read:

Your CV should be nicely spaced out. Use at least a 10 point font (preferably 11 point). Do not use more than two or three pages. Because CVs are read very quickly, the reader needs to be able to review yours as efficiently as possible.

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