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L’obtention du visa d’entrée est obligatoire pour toute personne entrant pour la première fois en Mauritanie. Les visas sont délivrés par les autorités diplomatiques et consulaires mauritaniennes. Tout voyageur entrant en Mauritanie sans se signaler sera considéré en situation irrégulière. 

Mauritanie Mauritanie

Nationals from the Schengen Area (including France, Germany and Spain) do not need a visa to go to Morocco. Citizens of other countries do.

In Morocco, a residence permit does not necessarily allow you to work, so make sure that this is clearly stated.

A list of countries whose nationals do not require visas for a work placement of three months or less is provided here:

Morocco Morocco

From within the European Union, to travel within the Schengen Area, where free movement is allowed, a visa is not required but you must be able to provide a local address where you will be staying. From outside Europe, you will need to fulfil administrative procedures: a work placement requires a visa, and the company must obtain the government’s authorization to host a trainee.

There are several categories of visas.

France France

If you are French, German, Spanish or Lebanese, you will need a visa for a work placement in Algeria. However, for Morocco and Tunisia, a visa is only required for periods longer than three months.

To obtain a visa, you will need to present a hosting letter or letter of invitation from your host company along with proof of your means of subsistence.

Follow the links below for a list of the documents you will need to submit:

Algeria Algeria

- Your ID card / passport are compulsory + copies kept in a second location. Make sure your visa is long enough in the case of a placement abroad.

- Your complete placement file is crucial, including your work placement agreement and letter of acceptance.

- Passport photos and a copy of your most recent diploma can be helpful.

- A telephone number for an emergency contact is recommended.

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France France
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Mauritanie Mauritanie
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