Conseils spéciiques à l'Allemagne

  • Not more than one page. Concentrate. Write the important.
  • Address the responsible HR officer personally (not “Dear Sir or Madam”, but “Dear Mrs. Ernoult”. Just for example.)
  • Write one or two concise subject line(s). Not more. (You find further hints and examples in the documents linked below.
  • Write a concise intro too. HR officers don’t have time.  Start with something that excites him/her. But do not try to be too “witty”. Avoid standardized phrases, but stay businesslike. Try to be authentic, but serious.
  • Highline your specific qualifications in clear respect to the offered position. What makes you appear particularly suitable for the post? Again: No standardized phrases.
  • Refer clearly to the call. No serial-letter-like, but custom-fit.
  • Mention a specific time slots. (If not given: When is the best suitable timeframe for the intern?)
  • Don’t forget the recipient’s address. Don’t forget the sender’s address including phone numbers. You want them to call you back, don’t you?
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