Suggestions for answer to certain questions



... would you choose the same course of study?

* Don’t give the impression that you chose your direction by process of elimination

* Give a positive reason for your choice (need to complete your studies quickly, desire to enter the work force rapidly, etc.)

Favourite and least favourite subjects?


* Among your favourite subjects, include one technical subject and one general discipline that will be of use in the vacant position

* Mention your least favourite subjects but emphasize your effort to improve (especially if the subject is relevant to the position)

Do you get along well with the other students on your course?

* Yes, and give concrete examples: teamwork, group activities outside school, help provided to others, etc.

What can you not stand in others?

* Don’t call authority into question

* Cite flaws that undermine interpersonal relationships or the correct execution of work (lying, tardiness, laziness, etc.)

What are your strengths?

* Loyalty, sociability, punctuality, professional conscience (schoolwork always completed on time), adaptability (placements), autonomy (enjoyment seeing an activity through from beginning to end), tenacity (work always seen through to the end)

What are your weaknesses?

* Try to highlight the positive side to your weaknesses:

    - I am naturally shy and reserved but when I’m in my element, my self-confidence goes up

   - I am weak at such and such an activity but I have made significant progress this year and plant to continue to do so

What do you do in your free time?


* Preferably mention group pastimes (sports, games, etc.) or intellectual interests (reading, cinema, theatre, etc.)

* Don’t talk about hobbies that are overly personal or that could be perceived as bizarre

Can you give an example of a past failure?

* If you must talk about a failure, show how you transformed that negative experience into a positive one, the lessons you learned or what the experience allowed you to do

In what job do you see yourself:

   at age 30?

   at age 50?

* At age 30: Describe a position along the same trajectory but with more responsibility

* At age 50: Admit that you cannot answer but state your intention of taking advantage of future career opportunities

What qualities do you want in a boss?

* One that gives precise directions, then allows you a little freedom in executing your work

* One that fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and trust

Will your application be successful?

* You hope so and plan to quickly become fully operational in the position

If so, how long do you plan to stay?

* So long as you feel like you are still learning the profession

* So long as there is a possibility of advancement

What makes you better than the other candidates?

It is best to divert the subject slightly: “I don’t know whom else you’ve seen, but personally, I know that I enjoy..., I think I can offer you...”

Will you continue to work after having children?

“I believe that work and children are perfectly compatible. It’s just a question of organization”

What are your salary expectations?

“What is your budget for this position?” or “I don’t have enough information yet to be able to say”

Have you looked anywhere else?

“What’s most important to me is to get along with the people with whom I work. In fact, that’s one reason why I’ve particularly enjoyed the interviews I’ve had here at XXX”

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