What should you negotiate in terms of working conditions?

Depending on the level of the placement, you can undoubtedly try to “negotiate” the following points with the company. You are not in a position to impose your wishes, but it may be necessary to clarify certain points.

  1. Technical aspects

  • Subject of the placement or assignment, or a job description
  • Resources provided (office, computer, databases, etc.)
  • Prerequisites: scientific, technical (software used and working languages) and behavioural (teamwork, etc.)
  • Skill sets to learn and expected results
  • Length of the placement, work hours, workload, days off, possible incorporation of production of your placement report
  • Supervision from your corporate advisor and your academic advisor, their respective roles, interim reports (number and frequency), final evaluations and their incorporation into the university’s evaluation system
  1. Logistical aspects

  • Any compensation or stipend
  • Benefits in kind (transportation, cafeteria, housing allowance, etc.)
  • Your status at the company (internal rules, special holidays, etc.)


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