Steps to company registration in Lebanon

To be able to open and run your own business in Lebanon, you will need to:

1. Hire a Lebanese solicitor;

2. Deposit your capital in the bank and obtain a certificate of deposit;

3. Register the company with the Trade Registry;

4. Notify the Ministry of Finance of the start of operations;

5. Register the company and its employees with the National Social Security Office.

There are seven legal forms of companies in Lebanon, the most common being the limited liability company (SARL), which is characterized by its status as an entity whose partners’ liability is limited to their respective contributions to and shares in the company. A large number of legal and document service providers can be found in Lebanon, along with business registration services. Entrepreneurs also have the possibility of obtaining assistance with their implementation processes, not only from legal agents but also via a single service, the One-Stop-Shop, which facilitates certification and licensing operations.

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