How to start a comany in Algeria

The Algerian State has created structures that allow project holders to invest under the best possible conditions, namely through tax and even financial exemptions (subsidized interest rates on loans, VAT exemption, reduced customs duties on imported equipment, etc.). However, after reviewing these mechanisms, we have found that despite many advantages, starting a company is still 80% financed by owners’ equity and results in no more than 30,000 SMEs each year, far from the objective of 1 million SMEs.

This support from the Algerian State for business start-ups comes in different scales, depending on sector, age, size of the investment, foreign direct investment, etc.

To answer the question of how to start a company in Algeria, you will simply need to comply with currently legislation on the matter, such as to take advantage of the various opportunities afforded by the Algerian market where there are real needs in the different economic sectors, be it in production or services.

The entrepreneurial incentives in Algeria stem first from the country’s geostrategic position as the gateway to the African and Arab markets and its proximity to the European market which presents proven energy advantages compared with other countries in the region, not to mention its population of around 40 million inhabitants, primarily young people.

A broad development programme for the various business sectors is on the docket at different ministries, through programmes spreading from now to 2019 and beyond.


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