Support and assistance structures

1. ANGEM - National Agency for Management of Microcredit

Microcredits are loans granted to categories of citizens no or low, unstable and irregular income. Their purpose is the economic and social integration of targeted citizens through the creation of businesses that produce goods and services.


2. ANSEJ - National Agency for Supporting Youth Employment

ANSEJ works with the young unemployed ages 19-35. Once the investment generates at least three permanent positions (including the company’s young founding promoters), the age limit for the new company’s manager may be increased to 40 with professional qualifications linked to the planned business and capable of making a predetermined personal contribution to the project’s funding.


3. CNAC - Unemployment Insurance Fund

As part of the Support Plan for Economic Growth (PSCE) and to fight unemployment and job insecurity, the CNAC placed a priority on implementing the mechanism to support business creation by unemployed promoters ages 35 to 50, beginning in 2004 and running through June 2010. As from 2010, new provisions were established to give the population segment ages 30 to 50 access to this system, with a number of new benefits such as the total investment threshold changed to DZD 10 million plus the possibility of extending production capacities for goods and services for promoters with existing businesses.


4. Facilitation Centre

The Centre guides young project holders and future investors through the various administrative steps in founding their companies and provides training on their management, including taxes and accounts.


5. Business incubators

Business incubators are public support, hosting, guidance and assistance structures for project promoters, set up by the Ministry of SMEs.

The assistance provided to promoters essentially entails: hosting the project holders for a limited period of time and offering office space or other premises during a predetermined period of time, office furniture and computer hardware, documentation, communication and reproduction tools, Internet connection, fax, telephone, photocopier and printer; and guiding project promoters through all the necessary procedures involving financial institutions, aid and support funds, wilayas, municipalities and other organizations with a connection to their projects.


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