Young graduates entrepreneurship learning programme

1. Entrepreneurial Centre - ANSEJ

The primary function of an entrepreneurial centre is to raise awareness about entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to stoke students’ entrepreneurial intentions through programmes to raise awareness about and disseminate the entrepreneurial culture.

The second function is pre-support for students and researchers with ideas for projects.

This function helps to prepare students to take the plunge and create their own microbusinesses through the ANSEJ system.


2. Young Promoters Training - ANSEJ

The public authorities have made it an obligation for young promoters to undergo training before receiving the financing for their projects.

For that purpose, ANSEJ developed a training programme that meets and needs and responds to the difficulties generally encountered by young project holders.


3. Promotion of Decent Employment in Algeria

The promotion of decent employment in Algeria through the development of microbusinesses and small companies by young people.

This project aims to promote decent jobs for young men and women through the creation of microbusinesses and small companies and the consolidation of existing small companies.


4. Ibtikari Programme

Ibtikari is an entrepreneurial training and support programme for young graduates that was developed by the Algerian government via the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MTESS) in collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The goal of Ibtikari is to contribute to Algeria’s economic development by responding to entrepreneurial requests in strategic high value-added sectors. Through the development of entrepreneurship, this programme aims to foster job creation and reduce unemployment among young graduates.



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