Useful links for starting a company in Algeria

1. Guide to starting a company

You decide to create a company because you have training, experience or expertise, or simply because of a combination of circumstances. So you start by looking for an idea. Once you have found your idea, you need to make sure your project is a match for your profile, your limitations and your motivations.

2. Market studies

The market study is one of the crucial steps in forming a company. Amongst other things, it allows you to check that your project is coherent and commercially feasible.

3. List of Competitors (in the same business), CNRC (National Trade Registry Centre)

A list of the companies identified by the CNRC, along with their corporate accounts, can be supplied at the investor’s request (for a fee).

4. Import volume: CNIS (National Customs Information and Statistics Centre)

Raw materials, finished goods and equipment (quantities and values), by year and by import country.

5. Business plans

Business plans typically contain six main sections: introduction/summary, project overview, market analysis and strategy, local market study, management, and investment forecasts.

6. Legislative and regulatory framework (entrepreneurship)

A collection of the legislative and regulatory texts government investments and entrepreneurship in Algeria.

This compilation is most contribution by our institution to support investors in their processes through the popularization of the regulatory framework for the best possible understanding of our country’s investment environment.

7. Administrative steps to project fulfilment

In view of the case, a promoter with a bank agreement is required to:

Enrol in the guarantee fund by paying his/her share flat, covering the entire term of the bank loan. This payment must be made to the local representative of the guarantee fund at the CNAC’s wilaya branch. After payment, the promoter is given a copy of the enrolment contract;

Make a personal contribution deposited in the bank account opened for that purpose (in return for a receipt thereof);

Complete the Trade Registry registration form or other necessary deeds (the advisor will inform the promoter of the document required depending on the type of project);

Determine the company’s status if necessary (the advisor will inform the promoter about this, although the final choice of status falls to the promoter);

Register with the tax authority;

Register with CASNOS (Social Security).

8. List of Regulated Activities, CNRC (National Trade Registry Centre)

Executive Decree No. 97-40 of 18/01/1997 as amended and supplemented, on the criteria for determining and supervising regulated activities and professions that are subject to registration with the Trade Registry, providing the activity code, the type of authorization, the organization issuing that authorization and the regulatory references.

9. Business Name Search, CNRC (National Trade Registry Centre)

Through its search service, the CNRC can provide registered persons (private individuals and legal entities) or any other interested person with any of the information contained in the Trade Registry, in accordance with the different regulations applicable to each individual case.

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