Algeria : Opportunities and growth sectors

All of Algeria’s sectors are in need of promotion, however there is a whole development programme for each sector, managed by the different ministries, including the following:


Ministry of Land Planning and the Environment


Ministry of Tourism and Crafts


Promotional sectoral programme                                                        


Tourist potential                                                                                                      


2030 Tourism Development Master Plan                                                              


Action Plan for the Crafts Sector                                                        


2010-2014 Five-year Plan                                                                            




Investing in tourism: A practical guide         


Ministry of Fishing and Halieutic Resources


Sectoral development                                                                      


Recovery Plan                                                


Aquaculture Development Plan                                 


Support System for Investments in Fishing and Aquaculture Production




Master Plan                                                                                              


Ministry of Water Resources


National Water Plan (PNE)


Master Plan for the Development of Water Resources (PDARE)


Structural Master Plan (SDS)


National Sanitation Development Plan (SNDA)


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


Rural Renewal


Agricultural Renewal


Phytosanitary Programme


Animal health Programme


Programme to Reinforce Human Capacities and Technical Support


Organic Agricultural Development Programme


Citriculture Development Programme


Beekeeping Development Programme


Arboriculture Development Programme


Small Farms Development Programme




RFIG Credit


Horse and Camel Farming Development Programme


Cereal Development 


Cereal Seed Production


Energy Products Used in Agriculture


Development of Production and Productivity


Cut Flowers Development Programme


Irrigation Development Programme


Dairy Production Development Programme


Legumes Development (chick peas and lentils)


Olive-growing Development Programme


Sheep and Goat Farming Development Programme


Tree and Grapevine Production Programme 


Date Palm Development Programme


Plasticulture Development Programme


Potato Seed and Plant Development Programme


Wine-making Development Programme


Industrial Tomato Development


Ministry of Trade


Association Agreement between Algeria and the European Union (covering products concerned by tariff dismantling)


Ministry of Energy


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme




State Support for Electricity Bills                                                


Avenues for development



Ministry of Industry and Mines


Industrial development policies,6-


Ministry of Transport                                                           



Investment programmes

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