Tunisia : Transport

What modes of transport are the most common in the city?

Collective taxi (louage), taxi or bus

Bus, metro, collective taxi, taxi or suburban train

Between cities and around the country

Bus, collective taxi or train

Inexpensive transport

Louage, train or bus

Reliable (safe and on-time) city transport 

Private bus (TUS, TCV, TUT or TunisCity) in Tunis, Tunis Metro, taxi

Which prices can you / should you negotiate?

Prices can be negotiated but you first need to know them

Group tax: TND 0.60-1.20 in the city; TND 5-20 between cities

The average price for a group taxi is TND 5 for 60 km

For metered taxis, the night rate is 50% higher

From the airport, taxis add TND 1 per suitcase

Do you need any special papers to travel between regions?

No, but you should always have a copy of your passport and a form of ID on you

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