Tunisia : Risks and dangers

Recommended and non-recommended or dangerous regions

Avoid border zones

But there are no regions that are more dangerous than the rest

It is important to check your embassy’s recommendations and any no-go zones

  Non-recommended parts of your city

Ask your corporate advisor

See tourist guides (TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, etc.)

You can also check past trainee forums on the SEMSEM platform



Risks during your trip

Loss of luggage in transit or at the airport

Advice: if you change planes and your luggage is not automatically transferred, plan for at least 2 hours to collect and re-check your suitcases in the transit zone

Late arrivals and/or luggage

Place a paper with the name and telephone number of an emergency contact in your wallet in case something happens to you


List of local emergency numbers

Medical emergency: 190

Police emergency: 197

Civil defence: 198

Tunisian National Guard: 193

Tunisian gas and electric company: 196

Tunisian directory enquiries: 1200

List of national emergency numbers

Same as local (see above)

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