Tunisia : Healthcare

Where do you go if you have an accident in the workplace?

Casualty at a hospital or clinic

Hospitals are often overloaded

Doctors and chemists are completely bilingual (Arabic/French)


There are chemists in each neighbourhood

Duty chemists are open at night from 8 pm to 8 am

On Sundays and bank holidays, the duty chemists alternate. Chemists that are not on duty will post the address of the closest duty chemist for the neighbourhood

Who do you notify and who will cover you?

Depends on your insurance contract

Where do you go if you have an accident outside the workplace?

Casualty: clinic or hospital

Is there a casualty department?

Yes, in hospitals and clinics

Are medical examinations reimbursed, and can you see the doctor of your choice?

Depends on your insurance policy

Sundry information (move to cultural section)

Although tolerant and accustomed to international visitors, Tunisia remains a Muslim country that is attached to appearances and modesty. Although topless sunbathing is allowed on hotel beaches, you should dress decently to go into the city and visit tourist attractions. During Ramadan, you will be able to eat in covered places but, out of respect, you should avoid smoking or drinking in front of everyone

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