Algeria : Money

Currency used

Algerian dinar (DZD)

Exchange rate against the dollar / euro / DZD / TND / MAD / LBP (link to a good conversion site)

Useful websites

How much money should you bring with you for your initial expenses?

DZD 100,000

Where can you exchange money? Is it better to exchange money or to withdraw it directly in the local currency?

At the bank: BEA / BNA / BNP / SG / AGB

It is best to exchange money and pay in DZD

What is the most common method of payment? Cheque, bank card or cash?


How do you open a bank account? What documents will you need? Do some banks have better terms than others?


Are there parallel systems, con artists to avoid, etc.?

There are parallel exchange options that are more advantageous but illegal. In addition, you will need to justify your foreign currency expenditures when you leave Algeria

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