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Before you begin your search for accommodation, reach out to your corporate advisor for suggestions: some companies have their own studio flats for trainees while others have networks of lessors you can check. If not, your advisor can give you precious advice on your choice of neighbourhood, etc.

Can you get housing in a university’s hall of residence? If yes, how, who do you contact, and what are the prices?


Vice-rector of External University Relations


Tel: +213 (0) 205 606

Youth hostels

Auberge de Jeunesse Bab Ezzin
Hotel and Services
3, boulevard Gawar-Houcine (ex-Georges-Aurès)
Tel: +213 (0) 43 27 16 49

Auberge des Jeunes Tlemcen

Kebbassa District, Tlemcen, Algeria

Tel: +213 (0) 43 20 78 45

Host families and rooms for rent


Hotel chains

Ibis Hotel

Hotel Stambouli

Hotel Les Zianides

Hotel Nedjma

Tel: +213 (0) 43 38 15 15

Halls of residence


Flat shares


Average rent for a studio flat


Average rent for a one bedroom


Other useful example of rent

DZD 500/day for a single room

Food budget


Leisure budget


Local transit budget


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