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Public transit is not very well organized in Lebanon. Collective taxis are the most convenient mode of transport in the city. Between cities, you can take inter-city buses that transit between bus stations.

From the airport to Beirut and its suburbs, your only option is a taxi (which costs close to LBP 40,000 or €20).

Taxis can be identified by their red number plates and the illuminated “TAXI” sign on top of the car.

In cities, you can take a collective taxi (that stops frequently to pick up passengers). In this case, be sure to tell the driver where you are going before getting in.

Current pricing:

  • Collective city taxi (for trips less than 5 km): LBP 2,000 (equivalent to €1);
  • Individual city taxi (for trips less than 5 km): LBP 10,000 (equivalent to €5);
  • Public transit (city bus): LBP 1,000 (€0.50);
  • Minibus (commonly referred to as a “van” that stops frequently to take on passengers): LBP 1,000 (€0.50) for trips between Beirut and its suburbs, and LBP 1,500-2,000 (€0.75-1.00) between cities.
  • Inter-city bus (commonly referred to as a “polman”) for trips between Beirut and Tripoli or Saida: LBP 3,000-6,000 (€1.50-3.00).
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