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Housing provided by your host establishment

Aside from universities, a lot of schools have their own housing supply. Once you are admitted, contact the school’s Housing or International Relations Department to reserve your housing.


Private sector housing

Private student residences: There are many private student residences that offer housing online throughout France:


Renting from a private landlord: You can contact a landlord or an agency in advance from your home country to book housing that will be ready for you on arrival. You will be asked to provide documents by email and then hard copies when you get your keys.

IMPORTANT: Do not pay several months’ rent in advance from your home country because some adverts may be phoney...

Instead check the following:


Flat shares: A less expensive way to share a flat that is becoming increasingly common among students. The flat sharers sign a lease together with the landlord, with each tenant’s name on the lease agreement.


Housing in university halls of residence: Grant holders have priority for this housing.

  • Study abroad students: Contact your CROUS office to learn about eligibility for this housing:
  • Exchange students: Spots in university residences or the institution’s housing supply may sometimes be reserved for these students. Contact your host institution’s International Relations Department.


Book temporary accommodation so you have a place to stay on arrival.



  • Action Logement – Eligibility criteria for the Loca-Pass housing programme:
  • ANIL – Information on housing rights in France and contacts:
  • CAF – Family Allowance Fund:
  • CIDJ – Classified housing adverts from private landlords:
  • CNOUS:
  • Droit en Ligne – Website with information on French legislation:
  • Ma Piaule – Private and public residences by region:
  • UNCLLAJ – National Union of Local Committees for Independent Youth Housing with regional housing listings:


Student housing, networks and associations


Flat shares

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