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Lebanese cuisine is as delicious as it is inexpensive. Using fresh, tasty products and refined spices, the Lebanese have adopted the best aspects of Turkish and Arabic cuisine, adding to it the slightest French touch. A typical meal includes several mezze (spinach pie, dried cheese, tahini and stuffed grape leaves), followed by a meat dish (usually mutton) or fish, most often stuffed with rice and hazelnuts, plus tabbouleh or fattoush. The national dish is kibbeh, a mix of finely ground lamp and bulgar wheat, which can be served raw but is usually fried or baked into a pie. Meals end with syrupy pastries like baklava or semolina or walnut based puddings.

Turkish coffee has a great reputation. Lebanon’s other non-alcoholic beverages include jellab, a delicious drink made of grapes with pine nuts, and ayran, a yoghurt based drink. Alcohol is inexpensive and easy to find, the most common being arak, which is mixed with water and served over ice.

Drinking the tap water is not recommended


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