Displays of emotions

Displays of emotions

Are public displays of affection, anger or other emotions considered to be acceptable?

Public displays of affection between two people of the opposite sex are becoming increasingly common among the younger generations. Nonetheless, those behaviours are not appreciated by society at large and can only be found in certain places like universities, clubs, etc. A large proportion of Lebanese society is religious and may consider any public display of affection between people of the opposite sex to be unacceptable. That being said, people sometimes let their emotions flow freely when meeting up with a relative or an old friend, even in public, in which case they may speak, laugh and cry loudly.


Concerning displays of anger, they can be seen every day (for example, at traffic accidents). The highway code is rarely followed, car insurance is optional and everyone is in a hurry. At times, things can turn sour. Note that most people talk loudly. That doesn’t mean they’re angry; that’s just how men talk! Be sure to watch facial expressions so you can correctly assess the situation.

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