Recommended Books, Movies and Food in Lebanon

Recommended Books, Movies and Food in Lebanon

To help you learn more about the culture, what books, films, television programmes, food and websites should you explore?

Most of the books published about Lebanon talk about the civil war. There is a great deal of information available about this subject. One good reference is Robert Fisk’s The Fate of a Nation. You should also do readings on Islam, the Druze and the Maronites. Islam is a hot topic today and it is easy to find books dealing with it. A number of Islamic institutions in Canada like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) would be happy to share documents and brochures with you free of charge. The Druze religion only exists in Lebanon and Syria. It is an amalgamation of Buddhism, Judaism and Islam. The Maronite Church is the predominant Christian faith in Lebanon. Its name comes from Saint Maron who was born in the 15th century. In respect of Lebanese authors, one of the best is Gibran Khalil Gibran who wrote The Prophet, a book that has been translated into multiple languages including English. Concerning films, West Beirut would be a good starting point.

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