Documentation preparation

I make sure that I have the documents concerning the interview, in particular the offer of internship, my CV, my cover letter.
I make sure I know these documents perfectly.

 Analysis of the internship offer                   Analysis of the CV               Analysis of the cover letter

 Analysis of the internship offer

  • I analyzed in depth the internship offer
  • I found out about the company
  • I see what place I could occupy during my internship

Analysis of the CV

  • check that my CV is updated
  • I check that my CV highlights the strengths of my candidacy for this internship

Analysis of the cover letter

  • I check the writing, presentation and spelling
  • I check that the cover letter makes the link between the internship offer and my resume
  • I check that the cover letter shows my real motivation
  • I develop the arguments about what I can bring to the business


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