Cultural context : Algeria

Relations with people outside the company: how do you greet them (handshake, kiss on the cheek or hug)? do you use the informal or formal second person?

There are two ways to say hello:

  • for a boy addressing a man, you say “Salaam” or “Bonjour” and shake his hand; addressing a woman, do not extend your hand until she extends hers first;
  • for a girl addressing a man, you say “Salaam” or “Bonjour” without shaking hands unless he extends his first; addressing a woman, shake her hand or kiss her cheeks. 

During discussions in French, always use the formal vous (you).


Dress code: what is seen as bad form, recommended, not recommended?

Cover yourself up as much as possible to not arouse any hostility. For girls, don’t wear mini-skirts or low-cut tops. For boys, don’t wear shorts.



Shops close or do not serve customers during Friday prayer or at the breaking of the fast during the month of Ramadan.  The weekly days off are Friday and Saturday although some organizations (like the post office) are open on Saturday.

In general, there will be a mosque in each neighbourhood and sometimes even a prayer room at the company or factory.


Cooking and meals: eating with your hands, turning bread upside down, using your right or left hand, Kosher and Halal? 

All meats and meals are Halal. You are free to eat the way you want (right or left hand, bread any which way, etc.).


Monuments and edifices to visit: which are recommended, where are they and do they offer student discounts?

Depending on your city, there are a number of attractions, museums and monuments:

In Algiers for example: Maqam Echahid (Martyrs’ Memorial), Test Garden, Bastion 23 Museum, Casbah, and more.

The prices are the same for everyone. Some museums are free. Each region has its own cultural and tourist features. A number of websites can provide you with information when you enter the name of the city or region as the keyword.


General information about the country’s geography

Algeria is in the North of Africa along the Mediterranean Coast. It is bordered by Tunisia and Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast, Mali to the southwest, and Mauritania and Morocco to the west. Algeria is the largest country in Africa, with 1,200 km of coastline. Its main cities are Algiers, Sétif, Tlemcen, Oran, Annaba and Constantine. Its regions are diverse from a cultural and a tourism perspective. For more information, go to


National economy: unemployment rate, crisis and inflation

Unemployment primarily affects young people: the unemployment rate is 21.5% for youths ages 16-24, i.e. close to one in five young people of working age

Visit the website:


Delicate and taboo subjects

Don’t talk about religion, sexuality or politics.


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