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A visa is compulsory to come to Lebanon. The terms and conditions for obtaining a visa vary by country. It is recommended that you contact the Embassy of Lebanon in your home country to enquire about the documents you will need to provide and to fulfil the necessary procedures. (More information is available at: http://www.liban.free.fr/visa.php.)

Authorization is required in order to work in Lebanon. This authorization is requested by the employer as follows:

  • The employer submits a request to the Labour Ministry for its agreement in principle (conditions available at www.labor.gov.lb).
  • Once that agreement has been obtained, the employer must obtain advance agreement from Banque de l’Habitat and deposit the sum of US$1,000 as a bank guarantee (more information is available on the www.labor.gov.lb website).

This work authorization is not compulsory for placement trainees.

Depending on the length of the contract or the placement, a visa extension may be requested from the General Directorate of General Security with payment of the associated administrative fees (LBP 50,000 for an additional three months).


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