How do you start your company?

1. ANEM - National Job Office

ANEM’s mission is to organize and research the national job market’s position and evolution and to provide an effective, personalized recruitment service to any job seekers and companies.

2. Emploitic

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1.Competitiveness Fund

State aid for business certification in respect of the production of specifications, agreements (in Arabic and French), and a list of support offices and invoice templates (Ministry/Company).

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1. ANIREF - Intermediation and Land Regulation National Agency

The Intermediation and Land Regulation National Agency (ANIREF) informs companies interested in the national and international pre-election for the establishment of a short list of engineering firms and consortia to project manage industrial parks, that the deadline for the submission of tenders, initially set as 16 December 2014, was postponed to 24 December 2014 and that the tenders must be submitted by 12 pm local time on that date.

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1. ANGEM - National Agency for Management of Microcredit

Microcredits are loans granted to categories of citizens no or low, unstable and irregular income. Their purpose is the economic and social integration of targeted citizens through the creation of businesses that produce goods and services.


2. ANSEJ - National Agency for Supporting Youth Employment

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The Algerian State has created structures that allow project holders to invest under the best possible conditions, namely through tax and even financial exemptions (subsidized interest rates on loans, VAT exemption, reduced customs duties on imported equipment, etc.). However, after reviewing these mechanisms, we have found that despite many advantages, starting a company is still 80% financed by owners’ equity and results in no more than 30,000 SMEs each year, far from the objective of 1 million SMEs.

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National Job and Skills Office (ANAPEC)


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The most important types of companies are:

1. Partnerships - general partnerships / equity partnerships / undeclared partnerships

2. Limited liability companies (SARL)

3. Limited companies (SA)

4. Foreign companies (branches and representation offices)

5. Sales representation

6. Holding companies

7. Offshore companies


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To be able to open and run your own business in Lebanon, you will need to:

1. Hire a Lebanese solicitor;

2. Deposit your capital in the bank and obtain a certificate of deposit;

3. Register the company with the Trade Registry;

4. Notify the Ministry of Finance of the start of operations;

5. Register the company and its employees with the National Social Security Office.

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This subject examines the conditions for founding a new company: the number of steps, the time spent and the costs required for a limited liability company to be able to legally begin operations.

New business density data are presented, defined as the number of new registrations per 1,000 people of working age (15-64 years). Like in the World Bank’s annual Doing Business reports, the measured units are limited liability companies registered in the private formal sector.

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A number of organizations have adjusted their orientations to support start-ups. These include (but are not limited to): banks, incubators, accelerators and business development agencies:

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