Pour un étudiant ou apprennant qui part à Malte les documents suivantes sont obbligatoires :

-assurance maladie

-assurance de responsabilité civile

-sécurité sociale.

Un étudiant maltais qui pars dans un pays de l’UE doit être en possession de la carte européenne d’assurance maladie et d’un document d’identité prouvant son appartenance à l’UE

Pour tous les Pays (UE et hors UE) : avoir une sécurité sociale et un numéro de sécurité sociale et une assurance de responsabilité civile.

Malta Malta

Each country has different insurance requirements. There are multiple types of insurance: health insurance covering medical problems, civil liability insurance covering any damage you may inflict, and loss and theft insurance covering any losses or thefts during your travel and your stay.

Below is some information about different destinations.

Tunisia Tunisia
Spain Spain
Malta Malta
Germany Germany
France France
Lebanon Lebanon
Mauritanie Mauritanie
Morocco Morocco
Algeria Algeria

International health insurance (covering medical care and repatriation) is compulsory for work placements and employment.

For employment, the candidate must pass medical exams (lab tests) during the first three months, after which he/she can sign his/her contract before a notary.

Lebanon Lebanon

If you travel to a European Union country, you will need your European Health Insurance Card (which you can obtain from your National Insurance office, valid for one year).

France France

  • Algerian students on placements in Algeria:

During their time at the company, students continue to be covered by the student health insurance scheme which gives them their status, in accordance with legislation on social insurance.

  • Algerian students on placements abroad:

A certificate of travel insurance (covering illness, hospitalization and repatriation) is required for the duration of the stay.

Algeria Algeria

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