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Pour connaître toutes les opportunités de financement à votre disposition en tant que, à la fois citoyens maltais souhaitant partir en stage à l'étranger et étudiants ou apprentis souhaitant venir faire un stage à Malte, est toujours conseillé de consulter les sites internet du 

ministère de l'Education et de l'Emploi de Malte:

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Grants and/or remuneration vary greatly from one country to the next. We recommend that you suggest remuneration or financial compensation to your host company. In the case of a negative response, contact the competent person at your university (your course’s placement director, placement office, etc.) who may have some funding avenues for you to explore.

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For a work placement in France: employers hosting a trainee for more than two months must pay minimum compensation to him/her that is exempt from Social Security contributions. As from 1st September 2015, this compensation, or stipend, has been set at €3.45 per placement hour or €523.26 for a full time month (35 hours/week). Compensation is optional for placements shorter than two months.

For a French student on a placement in Europe:

France France

1. Algerian students on placements in Algeria:

Student trainees receive a daily stipend to cover their placement expenses, the amount of which is set at a flat: [Art. 10 of Official Journal No. 45]

- Five hundred dinars (DZD 500) per meal;

- One thousand, two hundred dinars (DZD 1,200) per overnight;

I.e. a daily total of two thousand, two hundred dinars (DZD 2,200).

The daily stipend stipulated above applies under the following conditions:

Algeria Algeria

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