La lettre de motivation

  • Not more than one page. Concentrate. Write the important.
  • Address the responsible HR officer personally (not “Dear Sir or Madam”, but “Dear Mrs. Ernoult”. Just for example.)
  • Write one or two concise subject line(s). Not more. (You find further hints and examples in the documents linked below.
  • Write a concise intro too. HR officers don’t have time.  Start with something that excites him/her. But do not try to be too “witty”. Avoid standardized phrases, but stay businesslike. Try to be authentic, but serious.
Allemagne Allemagne

Après une bonne introduction, car la première impression du recruteur est décisive, elle doit éviter les erreurs standards suivantes :

Tunisie Tunisie
Espagne Espagne
Malte Malte
Allemagne Allemagne
France France
Liban Liban
Mauritanie Mauritanie
Maroc Maroc
Algérie Algérie

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