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Communication styles

What do you need to know about verbal and non-verbal communication?

Because Lebanon is a Middle Eastern society, its people are typically friendly and cordial, to the point that their privacy bubbles are often very small. During discussions, they hold themselves very close to their audience.

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You meet someone for the first time and want to make a good impression. What are good subjects of conversation to bring up?

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Sport and recreation

Lebanon offers wonderful hiking options in its mountains and gorges. These hikes typically cover relatively short distances between villages, so planning to stop for the night poses no problems. The country also has six large ski resorts with different difficulty levels of pistes. Equipment is available for hire on-site at reasonable prices.

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Lebanon boasts a vibrant art scene, both traditional and contemporary.

The national dance – the dabke – is an energetic folk dance. Classic belly-dancing continues to play an important role during in weddings – symbolizing the transition from the virginity of a fiancée to the sensuality of a wife – and is also highly appreciated in nightclubs. In an astonishing ballet, the Caracalla interweaves Eastern and Western dance and music.

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Must-sees and must-dos

Lebanon is known for its natural beauty and range of verdant mountains along a coast that shifts from sandy beaches to gravel to a rocky coastline. To name just a few sites, you could visit Pigeon Rock off the coast at Beirut and Jeita Grotto in Kesserwan.

There is a large number of historical buildings and monuments that date back to the Roman, Ottoman and Mameluke Empires. The museum in Badaro Region and the City of Beirut are great places to start your visit.

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