Maybe you’ve already found a work place, or else you’re still looking but want to learn more so that you can be well prepared? Look no further: this is the place with the most helpful information for your departure!
From administrative preparation to cultural information by way of corporate culture, the available funding for your work placement and the legal formalities to fulfil, this section is a real gold mine.
You can read the articles that interest you as you go along or use the menu to the right to navigate them more easily or even filter for the country where you will be doing your work placement.

- Your ID card / passport are compulsory + copies kept in a second location. Make sure your visa is long enough in the case of a placement abroad.

- Your complete placement file is crucial, including your work placement agreement and letter of acceptance.

- Passport photos and a copy of your most recent diploma can be helpful.

- A telephone number for an emergency contact is recommended.

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